So Puppy Love 2 picks up right where the first one left us, Petey and Matt have just enjoyed a pleasure filled cruise and they are making there way back home. A quick get together with friends Alex and Drew they begin their journey home, Petey is on a love high and everything just seems perfect. Well this book is one surprise after another, and I will say this all the surprises makes this book a lot better than the first. There is character growth, a more exciting plot, a bigger than wow climax and the sex is hotter than ever. On the journey home they get caught in a huge pile-up, Petey becomes the hero of the day he is then rewarded by his master.

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When Eric suddenly finds himself alone and again jilted, he swears it will never happen again. Then he meets Steve. Steve Warren has recently started his job as associate pastor of the local Baptist church. Steve has a dog of his own, a boxer named Felix. And when they bump into each other again, not only do the dogs hit it off, but so do the humans.

A friendship begins. How can he reconcile his feelings for Eric with his faith? If he comes out as gay, what will it do to his career, his family, and his church? Living a lie is bearing false witness, so he must find a way to be true to his faith while following his heart. Is there any way to move forward without hurting a lot of people he loves? In prison, Trey employs a strategy of avoidance. He becomes a loner and a workaholic, steering clear of the gangs and their drama.

His life changes one day, however, when a new cellmate arrives. Jeremy Banks, also in for murder, decries his innocence. He truly does seem like an angel. Their feelings for each other evolve, blossoming into something forbidden yet beautiful. But how can a love like theirs last in a place like this? Ivan Ramsey is a pediatric nurse, and he loves his job more than life. Devastated by the news, Ivan all but falls to pieces, and to make matters worse, a cocky, know-it-all police detective shows up asking nosy questions.

Tucker and Ivan at first clash. In the process, sparks begin to fly and a romance ignites. Ivan falls hard, not only for the sexy detective but also his adorable son. There are so many loose ends and unanswered questions for both of them, and when the truth finally comes out, it just might tear them apart. Slim Chance Can a man improve his appearance without losing everything good inside him?

Oliver has always been obese and suffered from a negative body image. As he begins an exercise program, his confidence increases—and so does his interest in his friend and coworker Benjy. Though they bonded long ago over a love of online gaming, it takes a lot of courage for Oliver to share his new body and be intimate with another man.

But not all relationships are equal, and Oliver realizes that Benjy, who loved and supported him when no one else did, is more than a reminder of his old life.

Cover Artist: L. Travis is a hustler, a male escort, and he caters to men of means who like to shower him with gifts and cash in exchange for his affection—sometimes for his mere presence. Darren, otherwise known as DJ Torrent, makes Travis a proposal. He wants Travis to accompany him to a gay literature conference. The catch is that for their five days together, Travis is to be more to Darren than just his escort.

Darren wants Travis to pose as his husband. Now Available in Paperback! Speedy Rewards Baggage Phil Mitchell pours his heart and soul into his job as manager of Speedy Mart, a local convenience store. He loves his work and he loves his fellow employees, but when it comes to his personal life, Phil is lonely and depressed and still pining for his long-departed ex. He embarks upon the week from hell where anything that can go wrong does.

It begins with a truck crashing into his outdoor sign and only goes downhill from there. Add an asshole homophobic boss hell bent on seeing him fired and Phil realizes he needs to put into place a plan to save himself and his job. First step in his plan… do something about his love life. As is Brandon, the local cop… And Mark, the homophobic boss… Perhaps, with a little… luck, the next week will be better.

At thirty-eight years of age, Chandler finds himself single and caring for his brother Raymond, who suffers numerous health problems. Mired in grief from the multiple deaths of close family members, he recedes into himself, crippled with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive tendencies. Nothing about a relationship with this young man makes sense. For one thing, Marcus is The streetwise Marcus introduces Chandler to an entirely different lifestyle, pulling the would-be hermit from his shell, albeit kicking and screaming.

But how long can such a relationship last, and what about Raymond? Suddenly, a devastating emergency derails all plans. Fear and unknown questions force the couple to look back on a lifetime of struggles as an openly gay couple just starting out in the s. My Dumb Jock chronicles their life together, beginning after the sports banquet at the conclusion of book one, continuing through their college years, engagement, wedding, and birth of their children.

Together they shoulder homophobia and rejection and build their own family in the face of many crippling losses and temptations. This final book of the series brings together an entire cast of characters from five books, all connected by one remarkable couple. A couple not quite ready to say goodbye.

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Puppy Love 2: Building a Family

Jan 19, Staceyr added it Dont let the cutsie cover fool you--this is not a cutsie romance. It is, in fact, a fairly well written story that gives a very disturbing view of the, perhaps unintentional, abuse that can happen when an innocent with no self-esteem and a submissive nature falls into the hands of a young, cocky, inexperienced Dom whos in denial about his own sexuality. Not really what I would call a romance, but perhaps an honest look at some realities for those who blindly stumble into the BDSM lifestyle. Knowledge is power and both of these characters reveal how the lack-there-of works against them and has the real potential to cause more harm than good. Talk about blindfolding your sub, tying him to the back bumper, lubing his feet and hitting the gas…there was so much about this book that set off warning bells.


Puppy Love

He is self-confident and brave. Matt is tall and masculine and athletic. He is a natural-born leader. Puppy Love is their love story, their romance. It is both a coming-of-age and coming-out story, but sexual orientation is not the primary focus.


Puppy Love Series


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