We feel lucky to have him grace our stage at Khoros Engage Sept. Tip 1: Practice habits that lead to innovation Grace: In your book, you talk about five habits of digital leadership. What are a few teasers you could give us around these, and why are they important? Erik: Digital leaders are made, not born. Most folks will land somewhere in the middle.

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Shelves: business , book-club , 12books Two and a half stars. This book shows you how to be a leader in the digital age and provides "keys" to do it. The keys themselves boil down to: keep it simple, be true to yourself, be decisive, set ridiculous goals and stick to them, and put people first. None of them are particularly groundbreaking, but they were aggregated well from other business books and presented in an engaging way.

Although those parts were more like a business primer than a book in its own right, I still enjoyed them. Two and a half stars. Another reviewer said that this had good advice for "baby boomers" but was nothing new for the already computer savvy. The digital-related information comprised only a small part of the book which made me wish it had a different title. When a book is called "Digital Leader," its readers are going to expect digital content.

There were many, many missing commas that made some sentences difficult to read. And the very worst of all was the paragraph that referred to both "Rosey Grier" and "Rosie Grier. Come on--these are basics! This book is a refresher of ageless leadership principles highlighting the points where technology has modified the execution of those timeless truths.

This book is perfect for all leaders regardless of how much they currently interact with digital media. I would recommend this book to anyone because I read this book as part of the 12booksgroup. I would recommend this book to anyone because I think much of the focus is on personal leadership The author does a great job of teaching that we live in a transparent society where everyone has a digital presence like it or not and we are better off taking control of that footprint and utilizing it as an extension of our existing offline relationships.

Although we all think multi-tasking is the answer, this book solidifies that it is not. It also has many other great lessons from leaders of hundreds of business on a variety of other topics on how you can be a true leader. This is not a leadership book. This is a self-helpy, anecdotal, hugely boring waste of time. Seems good!


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