Pages pp Arabella is a Regency romance novel written by Georgette Heyer. It records the plight of a relatively poor girl from the English gentry who captures the attention of a very wealthy man by claiming to be an heiress; although he disbelieves her, he is amused by her presumption and character. The story is set in the spring of On her way there, her carriage has an accident and she has to stop over at the hunting box of Robert Beaumaris, the Nonpareil of the town and one of the wealthiest men in England. Overhearing him make a remark to this effect, Arabella impulsively pretends to be an heiress.

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Arabella by Georgette Heyer Across the lower hall, the door into the library stood ajar. I have had beauties hopeful of wedding my fortune swoon in my arms, break their bootlaces outside my London house, sprain their ankles when my arm is there to support them, and now it appears that I am to be pursued even into Leicestershire!

An accident to her coach! What a green-horn she must believe me to be! Had she been better acquainted with Miss Tallant she might have taken fright at these signs. Arabella breathed into her ear:"Miss Blackburn, can I trust you? Slightly startled, she nodded. To her amazement, Arabella then picked up her skirts, and fled lightly back to the top of the stairs.

Turning there, she began to come slowly down again, saying in a clear, carrying voice: "Yes, indeed! But do, pray, go before me! Arabella tripped across the hall to that half-open door, and entered the library again. It was Lord Fleetwood who came forward to receive her.

He eyed her with undisguised appreciation, and said:"Now you will be more comfortable! The stupidest thing! You must let me make myself known to you, too - Lord Fleetwood, very much at your service! Arabella fetched a world-weary sigh, and enunciated with a scornful curl of her lip: "Oh, yes! The Miss Tallant! His lordship rolled an anguished and an enquiring eye at his host, but Mr Beaumaris, his attention arrested, was regarding the rich Miss Tallant with a distinct gleam of curiosity, not unmixed with amusement, in his face.


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